Invoke Plover from the Command Line

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Sometimes (for instance, to manually install plugins) you're required to run a command from the command-line.

The method is specific for each operating systems and shells. (Powershell, Windows command shell, bash, zsh, etc.)

In the example below, assume that the following command should be executed:

plover -s plover_plugins install plover-stenograph

To run other commands, modify the arguments (-s plover_plugins install plover-stenograph) accordingly.

See also Command Line Reference for other commands that can be executed.


  1. Find Plover's installation directory. It usually is in the format C:\Program Files (x86)\Open Steno Project\Plover 4.0.0. You can find it by right-clicking a shortcut to Plover and selecting "Open File Location"

  1. You should see plover.exe and plover_console.exe in this folder. Holding shift, right-click and select "Open PowerShell Window Here" or "Open Command Prompt Window Here."

  1. Type in the following command:
.\plover_console.exe -s plover_plugins install plover-stenograph
  1. Press Enter to run the command.


  1. Open the Terminal app
  2. Assuming Plover in installed in your Applications folder, enter this into Terminal and hit enter:
/Applications/ -s plover_plugins install plover-stenograph

Linux (AppImage)

  1. Navigate to the folder containing the AppImage
  2. Execute the command in the command-line (note that the filename depends on the version):
./plover.AppImage -s plover_plugins install plover-stenograph