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This page explains how to translate pages on this wiki to other languages using the Translate extension. Make sure to follow these steps as close as possible.

Prepare for translation

Decorate the page with necessary syntax

Start editing the source of the page you would like to translate, and wrap the entire page in a <translate>[...]</translate> tag. This will automatically split the entirety of the page into translation sections, by double line feeds.


Make sure that markup elements are properly split! For example, if you encounter a markup such as ...

== Heading ==

... , it's preferable to split it to ...

== Heading ==


... , which ensures proper separation of translation sections.

After that, add a <languages /> tag to the top of the page, which provides a language selection menu. The document should now look like ...

<languages />

Save your edits. Yay! The page can now be marked for translation.

Mark article for translation

After this, you should contact an administrator to mark your article for translation. You can talk to us on the Plover Discord Server. We can't provide an average response time, but it probably shouldn't take more than a week.

Translating the page

When your article is marked for translation by an admin, you should see a "Translate this page" link on the top of the article. Follow this link, and from the top right, change the language option to your translation target. A menu for translation should show up. The steps for translation should thereafter become clear. If you have problems, check out the article about translation on MediaWiki docs.


Pro Tip: When you're done translating and the page doesn't seem to have updated—of course, with the appropriate language set on the menu at the top of the article—try purging the cache data of the article from Special:Purge.

Hurray! Your translation should now be available to everyone browsing the wiki.


We talk about translations of this wiki on the Plover Discord Server, at the " translation" thread of the #server-feedback channel. Feel free to report any issues with translation there.


The MediaWiki documentation has a translation preparation guide for administrators, but it lacks some pitfalls we ran into. We're not sure that they aren't specific to us, but the final frustration led to the creation of this document.