Measuring Your Real World Writing Speed

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Many discussions in the Plover community center around writing speed:

  • New starters often focus on how fast they can write, often posting their current top speed (in any test).
  • New starters often want to work out when they will reach their "real world" speed (on a character-based keyboard) while using Steno.
  • People creating stenography keyboards post videos on social media of successfully using those devices to write at above 200WPM.

This page is a repository of common ways to measure your writing speed. If you have a new method that you would like to add, please feel free to modify this page. The hope is that the community will eventually converge on a small number of indicative tests to measure speed.





Reuse Character based typing tests

TODO Explain how this is the least preferred of all the options for "real world" but probably where people will start anyway.