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Models that are no longer made or available for sale.

Product Name Manufacturer About Years
Stenoboard Utopen (Emanuele Caruso) Stenoboard

The Stenoboard was the first open source steno machine on the market, released in 2014 for around $180USD. The Stenoboard’s keys actuate like mouse-clicks instead of a keyboard or lever-machine, which made it very uncomfortable to use.

SOFT/HRUF Scott Urueta Original SOFT/HRUF

The nonsplit version of SOFT/HRUF.

2017-2018, superseded by the Splitography
Stenomod Charley Shattuck Stenomod

Open source hardware. This has light (35g actuation) keys and a split design. See Ted Morin’s review of the Stenomod as well as Martin Körner’s review. The name is supposed to hint at how the machine is “modular” and adaptable.

2017-2018, superseded by the TinyMod
Georgi g Heavy Industries Georgi

Portable, affordable, and light-touch option. Low-profile Kailh Choc switches with 12g-actuation springs swapped in makes this the lightest-touch and lowest-height machine made for Plover so far. The removal of a number bar reduces costs and weight for portability. A third thumb key is to be used as a number bar replacement like the TinyMod. See Martin’s Georgi Stand with Trackball review, Mirabai’s review, Aerick’s Georgi Mount, and Josh’s photos.

Steko Quanic Boards Quanic Boards Steko

A simple, small steno keyboard featuring a RP2040 chip, a USB-C interface, Durock Dolphin silent switches, and 3D Printed PLA keycaps.