Steno hardware terminology

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There are multiple different names for stenographic input devices. Some terms are preferred over others, and there is not always a consensus for the definitions listed in this page.

Stenography writer

Often shortened as "steno writer" or just "writer", this refers to any kind of stenographic input device. It includes devices with levers such as the Stentura protege and Luminex, hobbyist devices that use keyboard switches (such as the Nolltronics Multisteno and the StenoKeyboards Uni), devices that use capacitive touch sensors (like the StenoKeyboards Asterisk), and even video game controllers.

Stenography machine

Often shortened as "steno machine" or just "machine", this term is sometimes used in two different ways. It can exclusively refer to professional steno writers only (such as the Luminex and LightSpeed). However, for most people in the Open Steno community, it is synonymous with the term "stenography writer" as defined above. Due to the ambiguity, this term is not preferred throughout this Wiki.

Stenography keyboard

Often shortened as "steno keyboard", "steno board", or just "board", this name is used for hobbyist steno writers (like the Nolltronics Multisteno or StenoKeyboards Asterisk).

Stenotype machine

This term (also shortened as "stenotype") is rarely used to describe a hobbyist steno writer. It is more often used for professional steno writers.