Stenotype Mnemonics for Beginners (English)

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Learning Steno

Sometimes the first steps of learning stenotype is an especially steep learning curve -- much like learning the alphabet and basic sounds of a new language. This page presents some mnemonic devices to help ease this initial learning process. These mnemonics are for use along with a steno tutorial, such as Qwertysteno, LearnPlover, Steno101, etc. These and more are available here:

Single-stroke consonants and single-stroke vowels

  • Verbal mnemonic for consonants in steno order:
    "STicK PoWer HeRe FoR PuB LoGo: 'ToeS DoZe'"
  • Verbal mnemonic for single-key vowels
    "The bAt-bOt bEt her bUtt that she could put cat-boy behind bars..."

Compound-stroke Mnemonic Images

Download hi-res version

Download hi-res version

Mnemonic Image Keys:

  • Consonants: shoe zebra vote javelin nose thought feather ducky gift yellowbrickroad chop machinegun bubble lion pump tooth yolk link patch curve crunch / -lch cash pawn kong pump ham badge (j) sock redaction (kshun) bulge (lj) lotion (shun)
  • Vowels:
    moon - AO - identifies homophones spelled "oo" or "oa"
    mitt - EU
    ape-baby - AEU
    rowing-boat - OE
    pea - AE - identifies homophones spelled "ea" or "ae"
    wheel - AOE
    oil - OEU - often "wildcard" for making funky briefs
    saw - AU
    soup - AOU
    pow - OU
    eye - AOEU


  • Please feel welcome to update this wiki page's structure to include additional mnemonic models if desired
  • Layered "xcf" image files editable in GIMP are available here if you want to put in some of your own mnemonics.
  • The best mnemonics are always the ones you make up yourself. So feel encouraged to make your own mnemonic sketches, or modify the xcf file with your favorite sound/image associations.
  • Info about mnemonic methods: ArtOfMemory , JoshFoerTEDTalk, WorldMemoryChampionships ,
  • For I guess some of the source images included in the mnemonic montages are under education etc, "fair use". But other than that, feel free to use and abuse. Public domain for any of my contributions! :)