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Professional machines

Would it make sense to create a page for each machine and have the table just link the instructions? For less tech-savvy people especially, I think a whole page dedicated to a machine(s) with pictures and lots of details would be very helpful. Of course, we don't have to create all of them all at once.

I've decided we should just create a page for every single writer Wikipedia style. Each page can have a set up heading, and we can link the relevant set up page to it (make a new one if necessary called "Setting up X steno writer with Plover").

NKRO keyboards

Do we really need to list every single keyboard that supports NKRO (or even the ones that don't)? Many of them aren't even in production anymore, and with a million different brands out there, I don't think it's worthwhile to keep it up to date. I also haven't heard of false advertising really being an issue for NKRO; maybe we can just list a few that are relatively easy to get, and keep the advice about searching "NKRO keyboard"?

Field and I decided to move this to a new page. Most users aren't thinking about buying an NKRO keyboard, so the other concerns are low priority.

Commercially variable writers and stenotypes

Both video game controller, and NKRO keyboards, and DIY machines are in their separate pages. Should the hobbyist machines and the stenotypes also have their own separate page?

If so, this page can basically just be a category page. But that is maybe not the most user friendly. We could replace the supported hardware link in the sidebar with "Choosing a steno writer" and use that as the user oriented guide.